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We are dedicated to combining the application of blockchain technology to daily use.

Our Projects

Alkie Monk Drinking Club

An NFT project for alcohol lovers

  • Utility focused
  • NFT owned brand of alcohol production
  • 50% NFT income goes to treasury
  • ERC-721A contract on Ethereum
  • Airdrop NFTs for redemption in real life store

DROP System

The Future Of NFTs. An easy to use NFT redemption system for both customers and vendors.

  • Redeemable
  • Tradable
  • Scalable
  • Trustless

NFT Ticketing System

  • Tailor made NFT event ticketing. 
  • Secure and Fraudless
  • Support large scale of ticketing sales.
  • Smooth and transparent on-chain transactions.
  • Theatre shows, Night clubs, Concerts, Festivals, Business events and more...

Contact us

EMAIL : enquiry@amdcltd.com